Welcome to my nest

I decided upon blogging due to the countless times I hear “you need to do a tutorial on that craft you made”, “or the homemade whatever you made”, so on and so forth. So here I am. To be honest, for my age I am terrible at technology, so this is so far out of my realm. I am not a writer, so for all you grammar slews out there I would advise you to stay away because I am bound to make you mad. And while were ahead lets add to the list a amateur photographer. Now that I got all of the things that I am NOT out of the way, lets get down to what I am. I am a mom, wife, crafter, food enthusiast, and lover of all the simple things in life. So with that I assume my blog will be filled with the many creations I come up with, food, art, explorations, and my down right adorable two year old, Lainey. To put this all in a little nutshell, I want this to be a blog about my daily day to day life and everything in between. So please stay for the ride, i’m sure it will be humorous to see how terrible I am at blogging, along with the laughs you get at that I can also promise a ton of great recipes all the way from food to house cleaning products and some many other neat things along the way. Oh and my daughters really cute (she takes up 95 % of my pictures and 100 % of my life.)


So stay tuned…
Tomorrow I am going to put my version of sidewalk chalk paint up!


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