DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

My family and I practically live outside in the warmer months, and now that it is the end of May we can’t get enough of outdoor activities. One of Lainey’s favorite things to play with outside is sidewalk chalk paint. Now I have seen many variations of this however, some have come out to runny, or too thick, and so on. So I have tweaked it to my liking and having been doing it this way for two summers now and have no complaints.

Here is your lineup:

Image1 Cup Cornstarch
1 Cup Water
Food Coloring

ImageCombine together your 1 cup of water and 1 cup of cornstarch.
Whisk until smooth.

SWPaint3 This batch fits exactly and perfectly into a regular six size muffin pan.
(It is also easier to carrier outside!)

SWPaint4Then add your food dye!
I use regular food dye colors and they come out awesome each time.
However, I have seen neon food dye at the store and have been meaning to try that too.

There it is….almost as easy as just getting the sidewalk chalk out of your shed, right? Maybe not. But it is super easy and creates a good hour of fun.